Workline Series Equipment Stands and Accessories

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Workline Series Cookline Stands

Medium-duty cooking stands constructed of stainless steel top shelf, aluminized bottom shelf and galvanized legs. Each stand is equipped with 4” legs or 5” casters. L after the model number specifies legs and C specifies casters. If shipping via air freight, dimensional weights apply.

Models: SSS-18L, SSS-18C, SSS-24L, SSS-24C, SSS-36L, SSS-36C, SSS-48L, SSS-48C, SSS-60L, SSS-60C, SSS-72L, SSS-72C

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Workline Series Cookline Accessories

The following accessories are available to our customers to allow them the maximum capabilities to configure their Workline Series to their particular operation. All cooking accessories can be ordered at the time of the original order or later, as a separate order. If shipping via air freight, dimensional weights apply.

Models: 21813400, 3102202, 21813095, 21813700, 21813500, 3100001, 21813600, 21815507