Workline Series Fryers

  • EF-30i
  • EF15
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Electric Countertop Fryers

Electric Fryers feature all stainless steel construction, includes one-piece, lift-out tank. 15# Fryers come with two half-size baskets; 30# Fryers come with two full-size baskets. The EF-30iNT has twin 15# tanks. Thermostatic control is located below the frying zone allowing for safe operation and long life. Only the EF-30i, EF-30iNT and EF15iN have top controls. Includes 4” adjustable legs. 

Models: EF-15iN, EF-30i, EF-30iNT

  • APWF-15C-small
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Gas Countertop Fryers

Countertop Fryers available in 2 sizes for different capacity; APW-F15C has 15 pound capacity and APW-F25C has 25 pound capacity. All fryers are capable of high capacity and high production cooking. High performance burners allows instant recovery at extreme peak periods of production.

Models: APW-F15C, APW-F25C